When the heart is singing...


I drew this mainly because this man breathes his soul with each expression, and it needed to be put to paper. His music is such an incredible inspiration. The medium is Prismacolor pencil on Strathmore drawing paper, and it is approximately 17" x 23".

For those of you who noticed, there is Joshua Bell's autograph in the bottom left-hand corner. I managed to bring my drawing to the Green Room after a benefit concert of his, and he autographed it for me. Smiling He didn't want to write on it (he was going to sign on the back!), but I managed to convince him to write on it.

I won my congressional district's place in the 2010 Congressional High School Art Competition with this drawing. The drawing is on display in the tunnel between the Cannon office building and the U.S. House of Representatives until next summer.

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